Charcuterie: What It Is, How to Do It, & 12 Serving Pieces to Make It Fun!

Charcuterie: What It Is, How to Do It, & 12 Serving Pieces to Make It Fun!

In case you haven’t noticed, charcuterie is having a bit of a moment. So maybe it’s time we addressed the question so many are asking: what exactly is it? What separates charcuterie from a really nice buffet of fancy finger foods? And how do you know exactly what to put on there??

Well, my friends, like many things, what sets charcuterie apart from a tasty after-school snack is simply the presentation. But even so, charcuterie doesn’t have to be fancy or take all day to make…and it certainly doesn’t have to be all meat and cheese!

By definition, charcuterie is “a delicatessen specializing in dressed meats and meat dishes; also, the products sold in such a shop.” (Merriam-Webster) And it’s French. Of course it’s French!

But we’ve all seen the Pinterest photos, the ads, the social media photos from friends who’ve dipped their toes into the curious world of cured meats and soft cheeses. And we know, from these same sources, that charcuterie can also be nothing but fruits, chocolate, and sweets or even pancakes, waffles, bacon, and hard-boiled eggs!

Put simply, charcuterie these days can be just about anything you want it to be (gasp, in French). The most important thing to remember: pick a theme and fill ‘er up--the board, that is!

And take a look at all the charcuterie and serving pretties we have here at A Dash of Casual, to help you do just that:

charcuterie boards and serving dishes - a dash of casual corner cartel boerne san antonio 4

1. Mud Pie Black & White Marble Board Set | 2. Ceramic Cheese Markers | 3. Marble & Black Iron Serving Plate | 4. Pedestal Tray with Black Trim | 5. Wine Holder Cheese Board | 6. Charcuterie Pedestal Cheese Board | 7. Spread the Local Love Charcuterie Plank Board | 8. C'EST LA VIE Pedestal Cheese Board | 9. Metal Three Tiered Display Tray | 10. Happy Always Oval Platter | 11. Charcuterie Paper Runner | 12. Acacia Wood Serving Tray

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time. Take the plunge. Dive on in.

Maybe it’s a movie-snack themed charcuterie board with various flavors of popcorn and your favorite movie theater candies?

Or maybe it’s chicken & waffle charcuterie with popcorn chicken, quartered waffles, fresh fruit, and syrup for dipping?

Or maybe it’s the tried-and-true classic charcuterie spread of meats, cheese, crackers, olives, nuts, fruit, and condiments?

Whatever it is, the kids will love it. Because, I mean really, what’s not to love??

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