The Best Creamy Avocado Dipping Sauce

The Best Creamy Avocado Dipping Sauce Recipe | Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes | A Dash of Casual Blog | Home Decor Boutique | Boerne Texas | San Antonio | Texas Hill Country

Do you need a dipping sauce that will change your life?  Well, look no further!  Ok, maybe it won’t change your life but it sure does make me happy!

This creamy avocado sauce is as easy as throwing the ingredients in a blender or food processor and hitting a button.  There is no cooking involved!  The result is a creamy, flavorful avocado sauce. Even though this is the perfect avocado dip for chips, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy it.  I wasn’t sure whether to call it a sauce or a dip because we use it for both.  So we will call it dipping sauce!

What do you serve with avocado sauce?
The ideas are endless but here are a few:
  • Serve as a dip for chips or crackers
  • Serve as a dip for veggies
  • Topping for tacos
  • Topping for enchiladas
  • Dipping sauce for taquitos
  • Use in place of mustard or mayo on a sandwich
  • Dressing on a salad (especially delicious a taco salad!)
  • Add it to a burrito
  • Use it as a dip for nachos
  • Dipping sauce for french fries or sweet potato fries

My best friend and I used to drive to another town just to have their chips and “magic green sauce”.  We have tried to recreate this dipping sauce through the years and have tweaked some recipes. Finally, we narrowed it down to this one! 

It is made without tomatillos. When you have an avocado dip that uses cream cheese, you know it’s something special!

This dip can be eaten fresh so you can whip this up and eat it immediately, or you can let it sit in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours.


The Best Creamy Avocado Dipping Sauce Recipe | Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes | A Dash of Casual Blog | Home Decor Boutique | Boerne Texas | San Antonio | Texas Hill Country

How do you make creamy avocado sauce?

Roughly chop the vegetables in this recipe and squeeze the lime juice.  Then simply add them all to a blender or a food processor with the rest of the ingredients and run your blender or processor until it’s all mixed together.

Give the sauce a taste before you remove it so that you can add salt, pepper, or more garlic according to your taste.

Tips for the best creamy avocado sauce

Use fresh ingredients.  Fresh is always better!  But especially when it comes to cilantro.  If you try to use dried cilantro, it will not taste the same.

Also, it is best to pick ripe avocados.  If they are too hard, the avocado sauce will not be as creamy.

Can you freeze avocado sauce?

No.  This is best enjoyed fresh and is not a good candidate for the freezer.

How to store avocado dipping sauce?

If you store this in an air-tight container, it should last you 3 to 5 days.  I like to put Saran wrap under the lid before I store it just to make it extra tight.  The lime juice should keep the avocados in the dip from oxidizing and turning brown.

For a quick lunch idea, season and heat up a can of black beans and make a bean and cheese burrito topped with this creamy avocado sauce.

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Check out this 3-ingredient slow cooker Mexican shredded beef recipe that would be a perfect pairing for this sauce!  Another great option is this 2-ingredient slow cooker salsa verde chicken.

I hope you love and enjoy the heck out of this easy, delicious sauce.  If you do make it, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!